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    Welcome to the new Apostle Spring Water online store.

    There are a few changes, so let's step through them together now.

    (We promise, it will only take a minute).

  • Water Cycle

    Your account details and any recurring orders have been brought across to the new store.

    We've done our best, but there may be a few hiccups, so take the time to check your contact details and order information are correct.

  • Water Wifi

    We've worked hard to improve your experience when ordering and communicating with the Apostle team. If you have feedback, you can contact us using the Messages tab located under "Your Account".

    If you get stuck you can always call us on
    1300 303 614

  • Water Cog

    To access your new online customer account, you'll be asked to enter the email address linked to your account and then click "Forgot your password?" link.

    Check your email for your new password, it might take a couple of minutes to arrive. Once you have your password, you're all set to login.

    If you don't receive an email with your new password within an hour, give us a call
    1300 303 614

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    That's it!

    Your brand new customer account is ready to go!

    Let's get you hydrated!

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