Pure water starts at a pure source

Apostle Spring Water is a natural product, sourced from a natural spring in the Darling Escarpment. We are commited to producing only the finest quality product.

The area imparts a natural balance of minerals and body-perfect pH. The aged, clay soil was leached of heavy metals millenia ago and this protects the subterranean source from all manner of potential contamination.
There are no carcinogenic trihalomethanes from the chlorination process because we do not use Chlorine.

We all know that we are what we eat, but how many stop to consider the importance of what we drink?

Considering that the human body is approximately 80% water, more than anything else, we are what we drink.
You are what you drink – So drink the best!


Start nourishing your family with the purest spring water today.
Your body will embrace the good, pure water and give you peace of mind knowing the benefits that it will have for yourself and your children.

What our customers say

“When you’re drinking Apostle, good quality water – you’re drinking clean water.”

When you’re drinking Apostle, good quality water – you’re drinking clean water. As a pharmacist, for many years I was dispensing medication out. And then you know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that people come back for more and more medication, to manage their condition. The future of pharmacy is preventative care. Food is medicine.

Harvey Chavda – Nature’s Harvest

“We are what we eat and drink. We are 80% water.”

I was always fascinated with the body. As a young kid I was fascinated with human biology, and as a young woman I went through all the diets. Having studied Nutrition, I have consulted, educated and inspired. That’s what I’ll do till the day I die. It’s really just helping people understand their body and food better so they can be the best version of themselves.

Helen Frost – Red Hot Health

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